Monday, 20 July 2015

Nourished to Death?

In advanced nations of the world, not everybody handles food for the public. They must be licensed by the government.
In Nigeria the exact opposite is the case, anybody can handle food for parties or put up a food sales outlet.

In developed nations, things are done orderly, different buildings are built for specific purposes, but
in Nigeria, a food outlet can be situate at a car park
, where carbon-monoxide can easily contaminate the food the masses will readily buy.

Lack of clean water is seen as an integral part of life in many communities.
The masses die of unhealthy food and chemically ripened fruits.
This indeed is nourishment to death.
The government must do something about this, swiftly, they must issue out licenses that will be reviewed on a periodic basis. They should set up an agency that would visit licensed food vendors unexpectedly and check for anomalies in their outlets, cooking process and withdraw license if the vendor is found guilty. The license should be re-issued after a specific time frame, upon a suspension, fine and letter published on national dailies apologizing to the public.
This is the only way, this can get better,
The #NigerianDream is a great one. We will do everything within our capacity to ensure Nigeria becomes the world’s greatest nation.  Think Nigeria, dream Nigeria, believe Nigeria.

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