Saturday, 26 September 2015

Servants or Gluttons?

The factual meaning of minister is servant. A servant is one who is at the mercies of his master. A servant does not have a will of his own, he is forever faithful to him who dishes out instructions and controls his actions – his master.

Democracy, as many youngsters  have learnt is '‘government of the people by the people and for the people’'

How do we justify a situation when ministers or leaders in the actual context - servants are practical gluttons; effectively ‘cornering’ the benefits meant for the entire nation
to themselves and family members?

Until Nigerians realize that they are the government, things might not change for the better. Until we discover the ammunition we as citizens possess, since we embraced democracy we might not live a better life…

In some nations, the leaders are practically afraid of what the average citizen can do to their status. This makes them conscious of the people that put them there, and hence they do everything possible to please them.

We must all rise up to the challenge of kicking out any glutton that promised heaven on earth and instead of fulfilling it is leaving things at inertia – as bad as they were  or creating a sophisticated hell for us here on earth.

Our leaders ought to serve us not exploit our dear nation’s resources. We must never empower them to put  us in collective captivity anymore, ‘we are the government’,  they are at our mercies, we make the decisions, they just announce it, we chose them, we can eject them if need be! This is what every Nigerian ought to know.

We cannot afford to appoint ourselves gluttons who will take all benefits to himself and not share them among the dying populace.

A leader who will go overseas because of his health, and is not doing anything about improving the health sector is not our friend.

One who will send his wards to a foreign land to acquire knowledge and is not hastily working on the advancement of education in the country is not helping issues.

One who will not sponsor research and development is not doing us a favour but only greatly increasing the intensity of our darkness.

We must recognize that democracy gives us hire and fire power.

The Nigeria of our dreams as just begun to manifest. 

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