Thursday, 28 July 2016


I've taken out time to write this after a  series of conversation with some pals. Many people have lamented about the state of things in our dear nation - Nigeria.

Leadership in NigeriaI've thought aloud to myself a number of times; ''What will I do, if I become the president of Nigeria''. Many people desire a change. They want world class schools. They want great healthcare facilities. They want industrialization. In one word they want progress.

Someone once said that the problem of our country would be solved if
many of the current leaders kick the bucket. I was tempted to believe that until some months ago.

Just like many other passionate citizens. I got talking with some buddies over the issues challenging Nigeria. At some point, I asked ''If you were to be the President, will you manage our resources well?''. Guess what? He paused! Then he answered. ''Ehn you know, it's not that you'll not steal, you'll take some money and at the same time, you'll serve the people''. I was dumbfounded, I was tempted to tell myself, it was a dream. But guess, what? You guessed right! It was real.

The presumption that the next generation will work the magic automatically died in my heart.
My heart broke. What will we do to redeem our gradually dying glory. What are the chances that we'll ever develop? If the upcoming generation of leaders are prepared to do mightier evil. Do we have hope as a family?

This makes me ask the question - ''What will you do if you were president?'' What impact would you make. Where's the magic wand you'll use to gradually re-position Nigeria as the giant of Africa?
I told my then friend, some seconds before he answered that important question, that I would vote for him, if and only if he'll perform. I challenge you reading this post now. Don't wait until you become president. See yourself as a leader, even from now. What will you do differently? What impact will you make?

Someone once said we are recycling leaders; this was said on the basis that certain leaders who lead came back to lead again. I'm afraid, we'll still be recycling leaders, if the next generation leaders are incarnates of the old generation's.

See yourself as a leader. Like Sam Adeyemi said, ''Out of Nigeria's numerous challenges which will God have you solve?'' (paraphrased). Now that you are the president, what will you do?


  1. Wow! What a write-up. Nigeria is waiting for me! :)

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