Monday, 6 March 2017


Wow! It's an old year already! I have not posted for a while due to some reasons... 
Well we are up and back again. Yeee! Get ready for some insightful posts. 

A lot of things have gone wrong and right in our dear nation - Nigeria. 

From Ponzi Schemes to Empowerment Schemes. There's so much to discuss, so much to analyze and so much issues to proffer solution to.

Posting will be consistent henceforth. 

It can only get better... 

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Elijah A. 

Thursday, 28 July 2016


I've taken out time to write this after a  series of conversation with some pals. Many people have lamented about the state of things in our dear nation - Nigeria.

Leadership in NigeriaI've thought aloud to myself a number of times; ''What will I do, if I become the president of Nigeria''. Many people desire a change. They want world class schools. They want great healthcare facilities. They want industrialization. In one word they want progress.

Someone once said that the problem of our country would be solved if

Friday, 20 May 2016

Good People Great Nation (II)

Picture showing a beautiful, happy and successful Nigerian woman
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Many Nigerians have come up with awesome technological solutions to some of the world’s greatest problems. Some hope to engage in research that will help the Science world. The tragedy is, in most cases, these bright, promising minds are limited. Majorly limited by corrupt leaders who will ‘corner’ the money that was assigned for these nation advancing projects.

When will this end?

Monday, 25 April 2016

Good People Great Nation (I)

Change Squad picture of happy Africans
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It's so nice to hear that every one is doing nice.  This post would be broken down into two because I have some web development projects to work on. Do well to subscribe to this blog so that, you don't miss any posts. You can also always check out the archives section to be sure you are abreast. Happy reading!

The Nigerian people are classified to be the happiest set of people on earth according to research.  They are also known to be very hospitable. An average Nigerian can endure some degree of discomfort for someone. Although, in some cases  these same people could walk past a stranger looking for direction. In these few cases, it must have been due to ‘over-sensitivity’ and majorly bad experiences.

Apart from hospitality, they are also renowned for their intelligence. Just like every other thing, some Nigerians put their great intelligence to evil use. This has led to Nigerians being banned from some international schemes, initiatives and programs.
Is it much of a sound idea to put all Nigerians on the black list when in actual fact, only a certain percentage of the populace perpetuate this evil?

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Master Corruption: Ancient but Subduable

a picture showing corrupt fruits to represent a corrupt leader, group of people etc.
The saying that corruption has been institutionalized is no longer doubted among the populace and has been accepted by majority.

How can you help a situation where you can boldly see that a product or service is free and you’re told fearlessly that you have to pay some form of ghost fees to access what ought to be YOUR RIGHT? How can you explain a situation where your ‘keeper’ tasks you special fees to provide what ought to be your inheritance.

In a case where corruption is seen as an integral way of living, there'll be no progress. Little wonder some past leaders raided their countries of corrupt leaders, and today, the masses are reaping the fruits.

No one is saying that corruption fails to exist in some other part of the globe. Rather, one is saying that it has to be so negligible, and it would take serious investigation to find out, because the perpetrator must have researched or innovated on a way