Thursday, 21 April 2016

Master Corruption: Ancient but Subduable

a picture showing corrupt fruits to represent a corrupt leader, group of people etc.
The saying that corruption has been institutionalized is no longer doubted among the populace and has been accepted by majority.

How can you help a situation where you can boldly see that a product or service is free and you’re told fearlessly that you have to pay some form of ghost fees to access what ought to be YOUR RIGHT? How can you explain a situation where your ‘keeper’ tasks you special fees to provide what ought to be your inheritance.

In a case where corruption is seen as an integral way of living, there'll be no progress. Little wonder some past leaders raided their countries of corrupt leaders, and today, the masses are reaping the fruits.

No one is saying that corruption fails to exist in some other part of the globe. Rather, one is saying that it has to be so negligible, and it would take serious investigation to find out, because the perpetrator must have researched or innovated on a way
of not being caught, and must have thought thrice before carrying out the act; and it also must be punished.

In a situation where corruption is given a high table and it feeds on the prosperity of the masses, denies many of good health, and even costs many people their lives, I think it worth’s arresting.

How can one explain the death of 6 infants on the same day because of lack of machinery in an hospital, no fuel to drive to another hospital where they will be machineries and a lot of ‘dumb’ reasons that could have been arrested? This is probably because someone comfortably ate the goodness that belongs to generations yet un-born.

One of the keys to dealing with this is willingness; we cannot continue to fight corruption with our mere lips, besides, endless talk has lead to and will continue to lead to poverty…

We must be willing to fight it from the bottom of our heart and with knowledge, strength and blood…

We must harness the power of technology. A highly significant thing that the ex-governor of Lagos State did was to stop wastage of resources by ensuring he does his best to block loop-holes on the issue of payments…

This is really remarkable.  We must use technology like online payments among others to solve our problems. 

We must also create opportunities for the youth to utilize their skills to benefit humanity and to help our dear nation’s economy. As you may know it takes just as much skill, commitment and discipline to function well in any chosen field, so it does take these features to be a successful criminal…

In some countries, when you steal because you’re in need you’re understood, and you’re dealt with considerably. If we are going to successfully push away 90% of criminals out of their dedicated jobs, then we must create a market for them.

We must make our government highly transparent. The truth is that there is virtually no challenge Nigeria’s currently facing that a solution has not been proffered to by some individuals or organizations. The government must make a conscious effort to create a highly transparent government.

If we don’t curtail the monster that has eaten us this deep, then we may be heading to our waterloo, and just make up one of those history books on the shelves of the new generation historians.

We must take our place as the giant of the world we’re destined to be. God has blessed Nigeria already!

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Has the current administration been able to subdue this monster? I would love to hear your views in comments. Stay on point (be precise) and polite. 


  1. Wow!What a nice and inspiring write-up. May you continue to get more insights. In my own view, I think the current adm. is trying, and the result will soon be evident.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. We do appreciate it.


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