Friday, 30 October 2015

The Idol Called Oil

Diversification of Nigeria's economy to lead to rapid growth - Change Squad
‘'I want to be a Petroleum Engineer'’, Wale answered the counselor when asked what career he wanted to pursue. He had heard stories of ‘oil-money’, the extravagant income people pursuing careers that are actively involved in the petroleum sector earn and all of that.  He was determined to get his own share of the ‘oil money’ before the oil wells dry up.

Crude oil has become a god to the giant of Africa – Nigeria. I wonder how a giant would be solely depending on one source for survival.  Records show that exportation of Agriculture produce (majorly cash crops) contributed immensely to the country’s economy
in the past, until the discovery of crude oil.

Crude oil oh crude oil. Crude oil has chased our farmers out of the farm and made us live below one dollar a day. Oh crude oil, Crude oil revenue is not enough to transform our educational institutions and make our country developed. Oh crude oil! Crude oil rendered desolate the habitations of many, gave many communities unwholesome water, destroyed aquatic life in some communities and led to the kidnap of some foreigners. Oh crude oil.

Diversification we keep proclaiming, when are we going to put it to practice? A one way economy can never solve all our one million problems, neither can it employ our one billion unemployed graduates, nor ‘un-skyrocket’ the price of food items.

Little wonder the ex minister of Agriculture said that nobody can feed on oil.

Nigeria’s blessed with so many resources, we’re the world’s greatest nation; we must utilize our resources to move us forward.

A foremost Nigerian once traveled to a developed nation. He told me that he got tired of taking shots of the streets, landmarks etc. The Nigeria we all look forward to can come to pass through practical diversification’.

This is the hour where people from other part of the world come to Nigeria in search for greener pastures.

The exact time when our schools are among the Ivy League.

The time where farmers are proud and highly successful.

This is then the hour when we’re the giants of Africa.

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  1. I love this post. Let's hope the current administration will truly diversify our economy.


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