Saturday, 18 July 2015

The New Republic

As John Walter, father of four, took his family on a tour to Africa, his children insisted that they must visit  New Republic.

They arrived  New Republic at exactly 2AM; they comfortably drove through the streets in search of a hotel.

They enjoyed every bit of their stay In  New Republic not being afraid of being kidnapped or being robbed. They were highly comfortable even as they
was no interruption of electric power.

The new republic was like heaven and earth;
the markets were highly organized and food items were handled hygienically, the streets were dirt-free and had waste-bins stationed at strategic places.

Hawking and all forms of child abuse were complete strangers in the New Republic. The people indeed lived peacefully and the political system was highly transparent.

‘No , can we just stay one more week, please mum…’ Jane said as Flora announced to the children, the will be leaving the next day.

Elijah then shouted ‘No, no, no, the new republic…’ as I shouted so loud, I never knew my siblings had come to see what was going on in the room. I had even disturbed the neighbors with my noise.

I narrated the story of the New Republic to them, the New Nigeria.

This is the Nigeria of my dream.

We all indeed know about the American Dream, what it is, what it is meant to achieve and the time frame set for it.

I have personally not heard of a Nigerian Dream, neither do I think you have.

'‘He that does not have a destination will definitely end up anywhere’'

One of the problems Nigeria is facing is that there is no continuity in Government, the Successors do not continue where their predecessors stop. That’s very bad.

''To create the Nigeria of our dreams, we must have a Nigerian dream.’'

Nigeria’s currently like an aircraft without a destination, she has had different pilots, and she’s still has more in training, each pilot has his own destination, when his term has expired, the next pilot takes over and starts driving to another destination and on and on like that’

That’s not good enough.

Where do we want to get to in the next 100 years: how do we want to live in the next decades to come? In short we must have a collection of short, mid and long term goals that we’ll be determined to achieve by sweat and blood.

By so doing, no leader will just come and give us a 100 point agenda that will not be achieved in the next 1,000 years.

This is practically unreasonable.

Yes we have heard of  Vision2020, but that’s not detailed enough. 

Research has shown that you achieve more when you concentrate all your energies, on a particular thing than trying to do different things at the same time. This is undoubtedly true.

A Nigeria with high security? A Nigeria where credentials to a good extent estimates academic potential? A Nigeria where great healthcare is affordable and accessible?  Beautiful Nigerian roads ? A nearly violence free Nigeria? Yes this is highly achievable, a new Nigeria, a new Republic.

I believe in Nigeria, I believe that we will not only regain our place as the giant of Africa, we will soar to be the giant of the world we’ve always been destined to be.

We are not second-class world citizens; we are the world’s greatest nation. Catch the vision thrown at you! The #NigerianDream has just begun to manifest.

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