Thursday, 23 April 2015

Your Environment and the Change it needs


We all cry for change! But fail to realize that the change our environment needs cannot and will never be fully proffered by
the government. I remember the words of that great man.

'‘Do not think of what the government will do for you, but rather, what you would do for your country'’ (paraphrased)  Yes, that was Martin Luther King Jr. there!

Nigerians are no longer freaked by the promises they are made during campaigns, they are now unmoved by the electrifying but empty manifestos. These were the manifestos that made people kill each other some years back.

Despite the fact Nigerians never truly believe in the promises that their government make, they still want improvement, they still want CHANGE.


Some political parties have leveraged on that cry and penetrated deep into the mind of many Nigerians, in an attempt to revive their belief in a Nigeria that can actually progress.

The truth is that the cry for change will never stop until we all acknowledge that WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT, yes, you read that right. 

When you claim to be wealthy, and you live in an environment that is saturated with poverty, indirectly you are very poor, this poor people will have to influence you minimally or to a large extent in order to make ends meet. It may be in the way of begging for alms, robbing your house, performing activities that are not environmental friendly which in turn affects you, for example indiscriminate dumping of refuse; in one way or the other, you will be negatively influenced.

''When you claim to be wealthy, and you live in an environment that is saturated with poverty, indirectly you are very poor...''

I am not saying you should, re-construct the mainland bridges, I am not saying you should go on an overdraft in the name of CHANGE.  What I am saying is this, in your little way contribute to the growth of our dear nation.

You may choose to buy waste bins on your street, to avoid littering of the floor, as a youngster, you could choose not to dispose waste anyhow, you could choose to educate people; these I am sure won’t cost you an arm or a leg.

Look around you, your environment needs change you can afford. Yes, ensure you do it; the vision of a golden Nigeria begins with only me and you.


A geographical location that has an alarming percentage of children that are not in school, Africa’s largest economy with an unbearable rate of unemployment, with world class terrorists? Is that a nation we all celebrate and call ‘the giant of Africa’? A place where justice is done to the poor and seen as forbidden for the well to do?

The Nation our founding fathers dreamed of after the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates in 1914 was one where quality education will not elude anyone. 

Change starts with you and me.

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