Friday, 20 March 2015

My world, Your World and Our World

my personal entitlement

Personal entitlement

My opinion is an entitlement that shouldn’t be ignored or disregarded in any formal or informal setting.

My world revolves and dissolves round my views, believes and my personality.

I love and adore things the way I see an view them, based on my opinion.

As a campaigner for personal freedom and liberty
 which must not contradict our good ways of life, thoughts, tradition, etiquette, and beliefs, I emphasize that personal freedom shouldn’t be abused, or corrupted, by the influence of evolving life-styles.

As an individual, your personal liberties and entitlement shouldn’t infringe on other people’s right of thought and expression because your freedom might put another person in captivity.

Your World

Your world revolves round you, and all that you like, sweet or bitter your attribute, attitude, gratitude, views of life and expression.

Your World – Likes – beliefs – views of life – attitude – thoughts

    You are replica of  your beliefs. What you believes actually makes or breaks you. Make your world perfect and free from corruption, sin only then will you come into existence as a free and independent spirit.

Our World

A world of mysteries, defeats, victories and the unexpected; understanding that people would be born, get married and die is difficult to comprehend in the land of the living – our world.

Our world is plagued with deceit, corruption, pollution, racism, nepotism and lots of new to say a few. Understanding that 75% of Nigerians live below $1 a day is actually a scary fact to believe while actually cars of golden size are being flaunted by some of our extravagant, unpatriotic leaders.

Learning that the earth and its inhabitants could be destroyed through global warming is a major challenge. The monster statistics of high mortality rate in Africa.These were an expose that got me on my feet.

I jointly discussed these happenings in our world with my cronies; and we could narrow down most of the problems to your world and my world.

According to data from the UIS, the number of Nigerian students  overseas institutions of education grew 71 percent between 2007 and 2010, and we are doing nothing about it. . We also want to use this piece of writing to plead with the government of the world’s greatest Nation - Nigeria to stop bankrupting the store house of knowledge (our institutions) with incessant strikes. What happened to the 1.2 million student that didn’t get admitted into higher institutions last year? This seeks insight to our definition of Change.   

If we could use renewable sources of energy like sunlight, wind, rain tides e.t.c, burn less of fossil fuels, our society will be safer from climate change and green house effects. If our drainages are cleaned, and there is no stagnant water, the mortality arising from malaria will greatly decrease.

So catch the vision thrown at you. The world will be a better place  to live in, if only you could buy into the vision.

Originally written by: Elijah Ajibade, Rex Stanley and Jane Blessing.

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