Friday, 20 May 2016

Good People Great Nation (II)

Picture showing a beautiful, happy and successful Nigerian woman
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Many Nigerians have come up with awesome technological solutions to some of the world’s greatest problems. Some hope to engage in research that will help the Science world. The tragedy is, in most cases, these bright, promising minds are limited. Majorly limited by corrupt leaders who will ‘corner’ the money that was assigned for these nation advancing projects.

When will this end?

The average Nigerian teen or youth, as a mind map of what he thinks the future should hold for him or her. Acquisition of education, a good paying job, get married, bear and rear children, take things the way there are, or leave them the way there are going, contribute to one or two things in their community, leave the lifestyle that was passed to them by ancestors , passing the cycle on to their children; and ultimately die. Now, the children repeat the same cycle.

When will this change?

We must harness the power of the most powerful organ of our body - the brain. We, the government, must jointly create the enabling environments of our dream to create our dream, and watch it come to life. We must choose excellence instead of mediocrity, solution instead of continued endurance to problems that will in no time destroy us. What I’m saying is this: we must think outside the box to create a national transformation. ..

It all starts with you. Be the change you want to see. Let the change gradually spread to people who live with you. When these people become practically better, you’ll with time see greatness come as the light of the sun to overshadow, black thick shadows caused by mighty failures.

Yes you can say it again; ‘’good people great nation’’.

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